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Meet The Team

Hongren WANG


A seasoned professional with 10 years on construction sites, Hong began as an apprentice and has since mastered various trades, including foundation work, carpentry, and electrical tasks. His deep understanding of construction details and stringent quality standards ensure excellence in every project. Known for his remarkable perseverance, he excels in tackling challenging tasks, thoughtful planning, and identifying patterns to streamline operations. His rigorous oversight of company staff's procedures reflects his commitment to precision. He possesses a strong passion for high-end residential construction, consistently bringing enthusiasm and expertise to every project.

Jerry LIU


With over a decade of experience in the construction industry, I bring a wealth of expertise in various key areas including on-site construction management, estimation, tendering, and contract management. My comprehensive skill set also encompasses cost management and overall project management, ensuring efficient and successful completion of projects. I excel in communication, patiently engaging with clients to identify their needs and pain points, offering tailored services. My approach combines technical proficiency with a strong focus on delivering value and excellence in every project.

Calvin GAO

Design Director

A diligent, focused, and highly industrious Architectural Designer with a diverse skill set and substantial experience in the construction industry. Demonstrating a consistent track record, I am adept at delivering work to the highest standards.
My expertise extends to various project types and scales, and I possess a solid working knowledge in collaborating with professionals.
Recognized for my determination, patience, dedication, and a positive and enthusiastic demeanor, I bring a dynamic approach to every project. I am passionate about contributing to the built environment and am always eager to take on new challenges and opportunities in the field.

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